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Amigos Medical Plan


Amigos Medical Plan is a Medical Discount Plan providing healthcare coverage at an affordable price


With a great variety of healthcare providers, Amigos Medical Plan is the discount plan you can rely on for your well-being


Offering a variety of coverage options, Amigos Medical Plan gives you the flexibility you are looking for

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Affordable Medical Plan in Miami Florida

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Discounted Medical Plan. It is not the only or best option. It is simply an available option…   Discounted Medical Plans arise like a necessity for people that do not qualify for Health Insurances due to preexisting conditions of health, migratory status or because there is no room for this expense in their budget to maintain

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Discounted Medical Plan in Miami FL

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What is the DMPO concept? Discount Medical Plan is regulated by the Department of Insurance Regulation in Florida which is similar to another type of insurance. The DMPO should be presented and approved by this department. All requirements must be met according to Florida statues. Understanding The DMPO is a great solution. The DMPO is

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How to be a Medical Plan Salesperson in Miami

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Becoming a Medical Plan sales solicitor in Miami !!! AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY!!! The health industry provides formidable options of satisfaction at a professional and economical level for which beautiful work takes place. An employment opportunity within these moments in which everyday it becomes more difficult the job is to Become a Solicitor (salesperson of medical

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