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Affordable Medical Plan in Miami Florida

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Affordable Medical Plan in Miami Florida

Affordable Medical Plan in Miami Florida

Discounted Medical Plan. It is not the only or best option. It is simply an available option…  

Discounted Medical Plans arise like a necessity for people that do not qualify for Health Insurances due to preexisting conditions of health, migratory status or because there is no room for this expense in their budget to maintain coverage.

In 2004, the Department of Insurances in Florida established regulatory statues on these types of medical services. Previously there was fraud issues where these people who purchase these insurances and when it came time to utilize them, these insurance did not exist. Many of these companies or medical centers that supplied them did not tell the truth regarding services that were offered.

In my opinion, the Medical Plans are a GREAT solution for those people who I referred to in the first paragraph in this writing piece. I have seen throughout my years of working experience this type of business 3 great errors: Two that sell or assist to advise and one which they buy.

1. People who sell Discounted Plans without being a license insurance agent(not necessary according to Florida law) but when you do not own a license, you do not know other options and press or say lies to prospects so that they buy the Discounted Plan as if it was the only or the best available option.

It is not the only, nor the best option. It is simply an option but is available for a sector of the determined market. Basically, it is offered for those with average or low incomes, ill people and without social insurance, and for all who wish it even though they qualify for whichever Health Insurance.

It is similar someone’s decision to eat “bread with butter.” Where do you eat it? Would you eat it in a cafeteria or in a 5 star restaurant?  Of course what you eat is also important but you examine the quality, comfort, and price.

1. Some Licensed Insurance Agents who do not totally understand how the Discounted Medical Plans work say foolish things covered by their license that scare people that they do not qualify for Health Insurance or do not want to spend a lot of money in taking care of their health. Basically, I have heard them say …”That does not work” and when i have asked them why it doesn’t, they do not have a response or their response holds no foundation.

I have seen fabricated and foolish things in articles on the internet in which the person writes whatever they felt like writing like i am doing right now but with a difference. I do not plead in favor of the Medical Plan or Health Insurance. I try to give everyone each concept that exists because personally, what suits me is what suits my customer. The customer should always be satisfied, know what they bought, can pay it, and can follow the industry for over 10 years.

1. The people who buy the Discounted Plan tend to not read the terms and conditions of enrollment. They are unaware how the plan functions and generally compare it with some Health Insurance of a family member, friend, or from someone who had at one time.

People who think that paying monthly means they do not have to pay anything more. Some aspire to make payments less than $100.00 per month for a family and receive for example, original medications with high prices for $5 or $10 or go to unlimited doctor visits during the year. They wish to pay $5 or $10 and ask that all needed checkups be given for free.

The examples I referred to before do not exist in the Unites States. In all insurances exists co-payments, deductibles, out of pocket (maximum) expenses or coinsurances.


1. Never decide on the first offer given. Request quotes, read, and compare. The information of all available companies are within hands reach on the internet. Know exactly what you are going to buy.

2. Verify the company of interest  or that is being proposed to you, especially if it is a Discounted Plan.

You can do so by calling the telephone number (877)693-5236 (available in Spanish). In the same way, you can verify if any complaints exists that the company has had.

1. Insurance Agents, Sales Representatives, Solicitors or whatever name they go by, Do not play with the health of others in exchange for receiving commission. Prepare yourself and know how each healthcare available option works.

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