FERNANDO LORA  MD General Surgery

Fernando Lora  MD, is  the Medical director and founder of Amigos Medical Plan, located in 8300 West Flagler St, Miami Florida. Dr. Fernando Lora received his medical degree and Surgeon at Mayor de San Simon University in Cochabamba Bolivia, One of the best medical schools in South of Americas.  He graduated with honors in 1968 . Then he had an internship  in General Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery at DC General Hospital Washington DC. Also a Surgical Resident in Plastic Surgery from Upstate University Medical Center in New York in 1976. In  1986 Dr. Lora had a Fellowship in Cardiovascular  Surgery at Texas Heart Institute Houston Texas.
Fernando Lora MD, has achieved the following Qualifications and Licenses:
Examined by the American Board of Anti-aging Medicine. 2009
Examined by the American Board of Emergency Medicine . 1988
Board of Medical Examiners of the State of Florida. 1985
Inducted as a Fellow to the American College of Surgeons, San Francisco CA. 1981
Board Certified Surgeon, American Board of Surgery .1980
Mississippi State Board of Health to Practice Medicine. 1978
Licensed by The State of New York to Practice Medicine and Surgery.1975
Licensed by the Board of Medical Examiners of the State of Maryland to Practice Medicine and Surgery.1974
Dr. Fernando Lora is currently works as a Flight Physician for Prime Nursing Care.
Affiliated Hospitals:
Coral Gables Hospital, 3100 Douglas Rd. Miami Fl 33134
Larkin- Palm Springs Hospital, 1475 West 49 Pl, Hialeah Fl 33012.


 Pataky is highly experienced in Primary Care, Family Practice , Gynecology and Pediatric. He was born and raised in Managua Nicaragua.

He did his undergraduate work at the National University of Mexico in Guadalajara, where he also complete his Medical Social Services, Outpatient Clinic and Emergency Medicine.

 He complete his medical degree at University of Guadalajara Medical School, Jalisco Mexico.

    For more than 15 year, he worked at the Coral Gables Hospital as a Surgical Assistant with more than 750 surgeries per year including Orthopedic, Gynecology, Vascular, Thoracic , etc.

Dr. Pataky is a caring and skilled physician who listens to the patient and their needs to come up with treatment plan that will help achieve a good health. He loves what he does, and provides a personalized approach to each patient.

DISCLAIMER : The Amigos Medical Plan , “Basic Discount Medical Plan” is NOT an insurance .Amigos plans provide discounts at certain health care providers for medical services.Amigos does not make payments directly to the providers for medical services.Members must pay for all services at the time services are rendered and at the established discounted rate negotited between Amigos and the Network Providers.Any person who knowingly files a statement of clain or an aplication for membership with Amigos , with intent to injure,defraud or deceive Amigos may be guilty of a felony of the third degree.I certify that I have read the statements on this form, or that have been read to me ,and that all the information I provided is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. A facsimile of this signed authorization may be concidered an original. I understand that this agreement will remain in full effect until I provide Amigos with written notice of cancelation.